Thursday, 7 October 2010

Last Letter in the New Statesman

I went out with friends for a few drinks last night and when I got home, I noticed my answering machine had four messages in the space of a few hours. I knew something was up - it seems that our girl Sylvia had been mentioned on the news last night! My friends and family had gotten so excited, they had to call me about it!

A Ted Hughes poem, reflecting on Sylvia Plath's suicide has been unearthed and is being published in the New Statesman. The article I have linked to in the New Statesman contains images of versions of the poem Hughes wrote. The poem itself, called 'Last Letter' (and three other versions of the piece) are archived in the Hughes Collection at the British Library. Here are some of the leaked quotes from 'Last Letter':

"What did happen that Sunday night?
Your last night?
Over what I remember of it."

"Then a voice like a selected weapon
or a carefully measured injection
coolly delivered its four words deep into my ear
your wife is dead."

This news story is receiving a lot of coverage in the UK media at the moment, being referenced on BBC1 and Channel 4 news, written about in The Independent, as well as being the most viewed article in the book section of The Guardian. The story has also made waves across the pond, being talked about in the blogosphere of the New York Times. I think this is a testament to not only the popularity of Plath and Hughes but also the emerging new information pertaining to them. As a student hoping to make an original contribution, it is discoveries like this that whet the appetite!

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