Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Google Trending and procrastination

Procrastinating over a cup of tea this morning, I thought it might be interesting to see how Plath trends on the internet.

Very happy to see that Dublin, Ireland is the most popular city for Sylvia Plath-related google searches! Who knew that there were so many Plath fans in Ireland! Here's the top 10 cities that ran the terms "Sylvia Plath" through google.

1. Dublin, Ireland
2. Boston, MA, USA
3. Philadelphia, PA, USA
4. New York, NY, USA
5. Brisbane, Australia
6. Sydney, Australia
7. Los Angeles, CA, USA
8. Miami, FL, USA
9. Singapore, Singapore
10. Chicago, IL, USA

The most popular stories searched were:

- Restored Sylvia Plath manuscript gets reading (Modesto Bee - Dec 1 2004)
- London gallery gets only surviving Sylvia Plath portrait of Ted Hughes (National Post - Oct 4 2005)
- Online Literary Journal To Feature Unpublished Sylvia Plath Poem (All Headline News - Oct 31 2006)
- Ted Hughes 'regretted not publishing Sylvia Plath Birthday Letters sooner' (Telegraph.co.uk - Oct 14 2008)
- Son of Sylvia Plath commits suicide (International Herald Tribune - Mar 23 2009)
- Ted Hughes poem on Sylvia Plath published (Kansas City Star - Oct 7 2010).

Aside from all that I'm supposed to be starting my thesis write-up today. In fact, I could very well have started yesterday but staring out the window was far too important to contemplate doing anything else! I'm supposed to submit the first draft of my first chapter to supervisor on March 1. It will be good to have officially started writing, I know I'll feel better once I start. It's the getting started that's the problem! ;)


Peter K Steinberg said...

Very, very neat post Maeve! Yeah Dublin (I got engaged in Dublin so I'm quite fond of the city...)!! It is really pleasing to see these top/most popular stories. I really thought for sure that the Nicholas Hughes suicide one would be the top spot but how wonderful to see that it is actually one about the Ariel: The Restored Edition. Overall it is a strange bunch of newspapers, don't you think? Where is the New York Times or The Guardian?

I love this blog, thank you! Best of luck as you dive into Thesis writing!!


The Plath Diaries said...

Hi Peter - you are so right, I was definitely very suprised at the 'most popular' list. I thought Last Letter information would've been the top internet pages of recent times, particularly the UK Channel 4 coverage with Johnathan Pryce reading the poem aloud.

That's so nice you got engaged in Dublin by the way! I always think it's kind of a romantic city, so much patriotism etc flying about it's nearly impossible not to get swept up in the city!;)

Hope you are having a good week and thank you so much for your compliments. Honestly you are just too nice! :)