Saturday, 26 February 2011

My thesis title and night-owl habits

Well it's Friday night and I've been studying all day. I do like getting into the 'zone' when it comes to study though. Currently I'm analysing some poems ('The Disquieting Muses', 'The Rabbit Catcher', 'The Arrival of the Bee Box') to try and prove the actual point of my PhD. I haven't really alluded to the actual specifics of my thesis on this blog yet... and following advice from some lovely commenters, I've decided to keep the lid closed on my actual topic focus.

Needless to say, my topic hopes to look at a new method of interpretation that I believe deeply influenced and impacted the life and work of Plath. I hope that, by using this topic as a central theme, and investigating it’s ramifications, I will be able to draw new conclusions of Plath's work and a better assessment of the critical literature pertaining to her.

So tonight I am working on my first chapter - where essentially I'm trying to prove my hypothesis. I hope that the work I've been doing for the past few weeks translates well onto the page. The age-old problem really is: getting what you want to say articulated properly onto the page!

Well I'm calling it a night now. I'm listening to my favourite radio staton RTE Radio 1's Late Date - they just played a request for me before 1am: Ryan Adams, of course. My obsession knows no bounds;)


Bybee said...

There was a period of time in my life when I only read Plath. I collected her writings feverishly. Much more difficult since it was the days before internet. There was one summer I read only the Plath bio by Butscher (sp?) I still read anything about her (or her family) with great interest. Rushed out to see (then purchase) the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. Good luck with your thesis. I'll be following your blog.
I think there's a Nanci Griffith song called "Back when Sylvia loved Ted" or something like that.

Anthea said...

Interesting blog and I'm amazed that you'd post your research question for your thesis online. I hope that no-one 'borrows' it...I really do. But good luck with your research since it does sound interesting.

The Plath Diaries said...

@ Anthea - Ahh you totally freaked me out with your comment Anthea! :\ I had wondered about the possibility someone might copy my idea but then thought I was over-thinking. I've edited my description now though. I think you're right!

P.s. I just looked up the Nanci Griffith song and it's lovely! Thanks!

@ Bybee - Thanks so much for the comment! I think a lot of people are overly-critical when it comes to the Gwyneth Plath film. I really enjoyed it: felt that it was a great character study, if anything:)

Anthea said...

I'm glad that you've edited your description. I'd be worried that someone who wasn't concerned about things such as plagarism, would just copy your idea. I don't think that you were overthinking.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that everyone needs to watch how much of their research the post online. Within the academic community most people are fairly open with their work, but the web isn't quite the ivory tower.

Good luck with the write up. I'm working on my first chapter too since we have something similar to your 100 day viva in our third term - formal interview, 10k sample chapter and a detailed outline.

Like the new header images too!