Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Apologies for my bloggy-absence, I suppose it's fair to say I've been having a few down days in relation to the PhD. These feelings are, of course, the nature of the beast. If you google "PhD and loneliness", hundreds of news articles, blogs and the like appear. I'm not lonely for company persay, but I think this quote sums up my problem quite well:

"Postgraduate study can be very isolating, says Dr Janet Metcalfe, the director of the UK Grad programme, an association dedicated to giving graduates help and support throughout their degree. "By its definition a PhD is supposed to be an original piece of research; yours and yours alone," she says. "So if you are writing about medical practices described in 14th-century English literature, you could easily go all day in the library archives without seeing anyone at all" (The Independent).

Having submitted a chapter draft last week, I am now correcting, re-structuring and trying to shape my vocabulary into something more sophisticated. I find my problem is on a base level: trying to figure out the structure of the thesis, what the first chapter should outline, for example.

I am a perfectionist. I started this PhD with the aim to be the best I could be, allowing myself to embrace that inner obsessive:) But it isn't possible that I'll hand in my first draft and have it magically approved with a pat on the back. It's just my personality to focus on the negative rather than positive. This mood will change soon I am sure! :)

In terms of Plath news, just one of interest recently. The Guardian had a good article "Can fiction give life to childbirth?" which features an analysis of 'Morning Song' which I don't really agree with, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.

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