Friday, 29 April 2011


I have been a very busy Plath student as of late. Getting everything prepared for my Transfer of Status is proving stressful but I've just sent off an email laden with attachments to my supervisor. Here's hoping that there isn't too much to correct! It has taken quite a few drafts for my supervisor and I to get to a place where we're both happy with the hypothesis I'm presenting but I think (and hope!) that today I finally cracked it.

All my other research and work should slide into place once my supervisor gives me his final stamp of approval. I'm so glad to have everything wrapped up - ever since the conference a few weeks ago, I've been studying non-stop. Tomorrow though, my friends and I are all heading off to the Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots Festival for a weekend of sunshine, drinks and good music! I have tickets to see Beth Orton on Sunday afternoon, so am really looking forward to that! (She dated and duetted with Ryan Adams, did you know!)

Aside from all the studying, I took a moment to take a photo of my workspace. A few months ago I posted a picture of my desk at University but I'm currently at home with my family and have taken over a desk here too!

I really love looking at workspaces. I don't admit to being the most organised student while I'm working.. as you can see with the mess of pages and unfolded books! But I am quite organised when it comes to tidying everything away. For those interested, flickr have a great group called My Desk where lots of people have taken photos of their workspaces and some are just so aesthetically pleasing it's insane! Some day when I can afford an Apple Mac computer, I will be just as concerned with the layout of my desk!

While I'm sharing photos, I thought I may as well show you all the person who accompanies me on my long hours of study when I'm at home....

.... My cat, Scruffy! Before you all run screaming and think I'm one of "those" women who studies Sylvia Plath and feeds her cat, ad infinitum, I have to defend myself here! Scruffy is no ordinary cat. If you look closely you might notice she's missing her front leg. She's also missing a tail and a lot of teeth :( About eight years ago she climbed into my father's car and fell out on the road about three miles from our home - very badly injured. On the point of death. We did everything we could (even sending her to a vet clinic in Belfast) and she was fixed physically to the best of the vet's ability. However, it's Scruffy's personality that has really shone through. She lives the life that many an able-bodied cat would never! Killing birds, rabbits and bringing them to us as "presents". She really has a great personality - it takes a very special animal to ignite my interest and if this makes me sound like a crazy cat-lady then so be it! :) Her life is a great story of survival I think though!

If I make it back alive from the music festival and survive the corrections my supervisor wants me to make... I may have some very exciting Plath-related news to share with you all! I don't want to give anything away until I have concrete confirmation but stay tuned for (hopefully) exciting news!!


mckenzie. said...

you have such a lovely blog here, dove! i adore sylvia plath, too. x said...

Cat picture! WIN. I've not heard of 'those' women before but they are definitely the best. I love cats, too.

I have a Macbook and unfortunately it has not done much for my the aesthetics or tidiness of my desk. I'll post a picture on my blog to prove it. The Flikr group sounds fun, though.

Good luck with your Transfer of Status & a load of strokes to Scruffy!


A piece of Plathery said...

That is tidy, mine always looks rather ramshackle!

Mary S. said...

Hi, Maeve! Just wanted to share this t-shirt with you. I finished my senior thesis two days ago and I hope you are well. I have been following your blog for quite a while. I saw this t-shirt and thought you may like it! Enjoy :)

The Plath Diaries said...

@Mary - That t-shirt is so cool!! Thank you so much for recommending it to me! I may have to purchase it with my next student bursary!! ;)

Callum said...

We have the same laptop and I'm planning on doing my undergraduate dissertation on Plath! Spooky!