Saturday, 16 March 2013

Radio silence.

Just wanted to post a brief update to apologise for the recent blog silence. I'm in the deep and dark jungle of "writing-up" the Ph.D. It is crazy to me that I'm in final year and it's time to get everything written up properly in a coherent, interesting and academic manner. But at the same time I feel ready to do this and am excited at the prospect of sharing my research with followers and fellow academics come October/November time this year.

For now, I've been working on getting my Plath Symposium videos edited with the help of a digital-wizard friend. These will be uploaded to The Plath Diaries youtube channel in the very near future, but I will tweet and probably blog about it closer to the time. I leave you with a photograph that sums up my life right now. Taken close to the midnight hour in my little office:

While March will see me sitting at this desk for all the hours of the day, April is a little more varied. I will be heading to the South-West of England to participate in a conference and hope to visit North Tawton after all academics are out of the way. I've provisionally booked two nights in a local Inn and look forward to sampling some Devon cider and taking a few country walks around the landscapes that inspired Plath so very much. I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy so I won't be taking photographs of Court Green (from close up at least), but aim to share some pictures of the North Tawton graveyard, the famous Yew Tree, Rose and Percy Key's home, etc.

Wishing everyone a fun St. Patrick's weekend! I will not be going out but hope everyone has a drink for me!


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Looking forward to hearing about Devon and seeing those pictures! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Alice in East Washington said...

Can't wait to walk alongside you to those places via your photographs:). Jess

Zoƫ said...

Devon! How wonderful - somewhere I'd like to visit one day!

Nick Smart said...

Good luck with your final push! I think you are wise to try to be unobtrusive in North Tawton. My wife and I visited last month. No problem walking round the church and viewing Court Green from the churchyard, but as soon as we walked past the end of the lane that leads to the house, Carol Hughes made it very clear we were not welcome! Look forward to seeing the pictures.